Visit by Cryer & Stott

Our good friends Jemma, Jason and Richard from
Cryer & Stott
came to visit us last week. We had them cheese making with us in a jiffy, donned out in wellies, whites and very sexy hair nets.

Jemma, Jason and Richard

Jemma, Jason and Richard

Turning the blocks

Turning the blocks

Shovelling curd

Shovelling curd

Potting up

Potting up

They came just after we had renneted the vat and cut it, but they each gently stirred a tonne of milk: curds and whey until it was ready to let the whey off.

After a very quick lunch, we blocked and turned the curd, cut and shovelled it to release more whey. When it was ready for salting, we milled the curd and potted up, ready to put in the press. Jemma, Jason and Richard helped in each of these processes learning about the science behind cheese making. I should say that all of this is carried out normally by one person!

Here are a few pictures of the process. We enjoy showing customers and people who love our cheese how it is made, explaining the principles behind it – as much science as experience and intuition.

If you would like to come and see us make cheese, drop me a line.


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