Visit by H&B Worcester

The H&B gang, from left: Tim, Barbara, Les and Luke

The H&B gang, from left: Tim, Barbara, Les and Luke

Today we had visitors from our customer H&B: Les, Barbara, Tim and Luke from Manchester, Manchester, Easingwold and Richmond respectively.  It was great to meet them and put faces to names.  

We had a good time talking about how cheese is made and the subtle variations of cheese making. 

Lydia explaining the art of hand waxing cheese

Lydia explaining the art of hand waxing cheese

Lydia showed the guys how we hand wax all of our cheese and they had a quick go at some waxing.  As you know, all of our cheese is hand waxed – it helps protect the cheese, gives it a long shelf life and also its distinctive Ribblesdale appearance. 

Barbara having a bash at waxing

Barbara having a bash at waxing

Lydia then showed the gang our little smoker and how it works, that we source some of the oak shavings from Theakstons who still have a cooper to make barrels for them and how pleased we are to have our own smoker.  

Luke came up with the idea of smoking garlic at the same time – brilliant idea to infuse that flavour too – we should try it some time. 

Us sharing a joke

Us sharing a joke

We then did a marathon cheese tasting, including our Matured Goat Cheddar, our award winning Original Sheep cheese (Gold Taste Award 2009) – which was in fact my first ever attempt at making ewe’s milk cheese; I remember it well, it was 17th March 2009, just a few days before my birthday.  We also tried our Original Goat, (our second best seller and the cheese that I make the most of), Old Tyme Wensleydale made in a long, slow, traditional way and our new Blue Cow cheese, which I am glad to say met with approval all round – nice and creamy was the verdict. 

We moved on to our best selling Superior Goat cheese, Smoked Superior Goat cheese, Matured Goat and Blue Goat.  We tasted the Original Buffalo cheese too.  

Firm favourites turned out to be our new Blue Cow cheese, the Matured Goat ‘gorgeous’ and my Orginal Sheeps’ cheese ‘subtle’.  

I am over the moon to be able to say that as a result, H&B will be stocking two new lines of our cheese; really chuffed.  Is that a good Yorkshire saying, I wonder? 

Thank you guys for coming all this way to see us – it was great meeting you and I hope you will come again – and Luke is coming back to make goat cheese with us, that’s a definite! 



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2 responses to “Visit by H&B Worcester

  1. Luke Shannon

    Hi Iona and Lydia,
    Thanks for a really interesting day and the opportunity to stuff myself with goats cheese.Still having mental debates as to which is my favourite.
    I have been “waxing” lyrical about our day with yourselves to all my customers.
    Look forward to returning.

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