Professional Certificate in Dairy Technology



Great news: two of our guys, Lydia and Stuart are about to embark on a year long course leading to a certificate in Dairy Technology at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.

If they feel like continuing their studies, they can build it up to a degree which is impressive, but let’s see how they get on going back in to education!  The Professional Certificate involves two days down in Nantwich and an assignment for each module.  It will be fun getting cover, but I am sure it will be more than worth it – Lydia and Stuart will, I am sure, come back full of enthusiasm and ideas and have picked up a lot of knowledge.

Stuart in cheese making mode

Stuart in cheese making mode

It sounds really interesting and extremely relevant; it starts off with principles of biology and chemistry and an introduction to dairy chemistry and microbiology and dairy product quality.

The next module is the manufacture of dairy products, which should be very interesting and tie in with our work here.

The final module is about dairy processing techniques and dairy plant, which again will lead to extra knowledge about .

Both are really excited to be starting and I am pleased that we can access some good quality training that will lead to more knowledge within the business.  I think it something that both Stuart and Lydia will really enjoy and get a lot out of.


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