Cheese Making Courses

I am sometimes asked – where can I learn to make cheese?

There are three established cheese making schools, one well known at Reaseheath, one in Cornwall which by definition for many people is a little far away and then there is a new one in Nottinghamshire.  And us!

We run one day intensive courses where we will get you involved in making our cheese as well as teaching you the science behind cheese making.  We can organise you a night’s accommodation in Hawes too, if you need it.

Here are the three well known cheese schools:

Chris Ashby who owns AB Cheese Making run courses at Reaseheath College in Nantwich about four times a year covering an introduction to cheese making, soft cheese making, yoghurt and fermented products and cheese grading.

Duchy College in Cornwall run very similar courses to those at Reaseheath.  Having spoken to course organiser, Helen Osborne, I can vouch for how helpful they are trying to organise pick ups and transport to get you to the venue.

Relative newcomers, the School of Artisan Food in Welbeck, Nottinghamshire run a variety of dairy courses ranging from basic cheese making for beginners, blue cheese, hard cheese making, moulds and maturation to ice cream.  Nice to know that Val Bines runs the hard cheese making course.  I have a feeling she is also invovled with the Duchy College.

Ribblesdale Cheese: we provide one to one day courses, completely hands on, with an explanation of the science of cheese making directly tied in to each stage of the cheese as you are helping to make it and hints and tips on what can go wrong, why and what to do.  Call us on: 01969 66 77 88.


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