Are You A Fisherman?

Our poorly, sick curd cutter

Our poorly, sick curd cutter

‘Er, no,’ I said, ‘why do you ask?’

‘Because you haven’t got the lingo…so what do you want this fishing line for?’

‘Ah’, I said, knowing I’d been rumbled, ‘we are cheese makers, and we need it for our curd cutter’.

‘That’s more like it,’ said the chap at Crazy Carp Angling Centre in Bristol.  ‘I’ve had cake makers and decorators, but that makes sense – curd cutters?’

Our horizontal curd cutter

Our horizontal curd cutter

Whilst washing up a few days ago, after cheese making, we accidentally broke a couple of

Our vertical cheese cutter

Our vertical cheese cutter

lines of fishing line in our curd cutter.  We have two splendid curd cutters – a horizontal cutter and a vertical cutter.  They are spaced about 1cm apart and are threaded very tightly with fishing line. 

A quick call to Greg at the ever brilliant Brytec who made the curd cutters for us, revealed (after berating us for breaking it!) that the line used is 80lb fishing line and is 0.8mm thick.  And it is a devil of a job to find it, but I found two sources which I am happy to share with you, should you ever find yourself in the same position.

There are two makes: Sufix Zippy which is apparently hard to get hold of as the UK distributor is, for some reason, running down UK stocks.  The second make is Slinky.  You can find it on e-bay and also from the Crazy Carp Angling Centre!  Job sorted,  now I have to find out where to get more labels for our Avery A410 weighing scales at the shop.


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