Penny & Snouter’s Autobiography

Penny and Snouter have just written their autobiography charting their lives and adventures to date.

They would be very pleased if you were to take a look at their pictures in their new book:

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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One response to “Penny & Snouter’s Autobiography

  1. This is Penny & Snouter’s first piece of fan mail, from Andrew and Manuela Hill, Portugal:

    Dear Penny and Snouter,
    Please accept our profound congratulations and admiration on the publication of your first book. So far we have read only part 1, but our impression is of, if you will forgive the use of a hackneyed term, a compelling page-turner, and we eagerly looking forward to reading the remaining parts. Your human friends Iona and Noel must be very proud of you and your first venture into the literary lists. As you will doubtless know, readers are often curious to learn exactly how authors go about their work; for example did you draft the book in trotter script, or did you employ a word processor or perhaps you dictated it to an atrotterensis? We hope that you will forgive such questions and not consider them excessively prurient.
    We were also much impressed by the excellent photographs and feel that they contribute much to the overall value of the work, and naturally we wonder who you appointed to take them.

    Your sincere admirers

    Andrew and Manuela Hill

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