Five Reasons to Read My Friend Nicola’s Blog

Nicola KerslakeI met my friend Nicola through ebay when I lived inLondon – we realised that we had a bit in common, both spent a good deal of time working overseas, both liked expensive furniture and had the same books on our book shelves – well, there are stranger way to make friends!

She has since moved over to the west coast, in theUS and is currently working as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialisation.  She has also been a real asset investor working in hedge funds, private equity / venture capital firms. Her background is in energy and agriculture, working in Europe, Asia and the US.

She is very funny, extremely clever, well connected and writes beautifully, so here are the five reasons you should read Nicola’s blog:

1)      Impress your friends and slip in to the conversation that you know what real assets are

2)      Find out about Nicola’s experience of an 80 something year old Amish farmer fixing a Toyota Prius rental car – and about sustainable farming and the Amish

3)      Read about Arcosanti, the Biosphere project

4)      Discover problems with energy smart meters and their potential future

5)      Get ideas about urban farms


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