Shoplifter Hits The Little Cheese Shop

What do you do when you know someone has just stolen something from your shop?

It happened to Lydia just a couple of days ago.  A middle aged couple and their grandchildren came in to the shop, bought some cheese and a jam and very cunningly slipped another jar of raspberry jam into their bag.  It is the most surreal situation, you 3/4 realise what has just happened but at the same time cannot quite believe it.  Said couple would not let Lydia put their purchase into their bag and it was only afterwards that the slow dawning of recognition occurred – the middle aged couple with the grandkids had just nicked a jar of our best raspberry jam!

What do you do?  Do you confront them outright?  Do you ask to see in their bag – it is a most terribly difficult situation – any advice?

And the demographic is interesting too (not that I suggesting that all middle aged women are shoplifters!); last summer, when I used to put the stand with greetings cards and postcards outside the shop, I tried to make sure it was in view, but occasionally, I was busy serving and I didn’t keep quite a good enough eye on it, and I had on two occasions,  elderly ladies stealing cards.  The classic picking it up, looking around and then slipping them into their handbags, like something out of a cartoon.  By the time I had finished serving, they were long gone.


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