Ribblesdale Cheese Win Three Gold Star Awards at the Great Taste Awards!

We entered two competitions this year: the Great Yorkshire Show and the Great taste Awards.

7,482 cheeses were entered into the Great taste Awards – wow, we are SO pleased!

The three cheeses that have won Great Taste awards are:

  1. Old Tyme Wensleydale
  2. Matured, Natural Rinded Goat (also a Yorkshire Show winner) and
  3. Original Goat (also a Yorkshire Show winner)

In the Great taste Awards, we have won 2 x 2 stars and 1 x 1star gold.  The results with tasting notes are as follows:

2 star 2914 90 Cheese, hard, cows’ milk Traditional Wensleydale Very creamy with lovely length that builds beautifully. Good freshness. We think the colour of the wax reflects the youth of the cheese. Moist and crumbly as it’s meant to be with the balance being held nicely consistent throughout the whole cheese.
2 star 2916 10 Cheese, hard, goats’ milk Matured Goat Cheese Good nose. Nice complexity. We like the delicate flavour. This has nice length. It is an elegant cheese.
1 star 2916 11 Cheese, hard, goats’ milk Original Goats Nice even texture and the aroma is clean, fresh and lemony. Hint of goat flavour, a fresh flavour with hints of citrus. Slightly dry texture. A nicely made cheese.


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2 responses to “Ribblesdale Cheese Win Three Gold Star Awards at the Great Taste Awards!

  1. You so deserve these gold stars. Well done to all of you.

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