Tricia From Bradburys (by her fan club!)

We are big fans of Tricia, at Bradburys, as she has been championing our chutneys to the multiples i.e. supermarkets.  I know she has worked jolly hard on our behalf, and we really appreciate it.

The problem with getting our chutneys in to the supermarkets seems to be one of segregation: the cheese buyer only does cheese, and not chutneys.  The chutney buyer doesn’t do cheese, so it has been hard to get the two together.  One day, let’s hope, one day, one of the multiples will pick up on our chutneys as people really seem to like them and we’ve had a tremendous amount of interest.

In fact, we sold more chutneys than cheese on the Public Day – now, what does that tell you…….

Trisha was a little nervous as she was prepping food for the two celebrity chefs there: James Martin and Gino d’Acampo – wow, what an honour, we never found out that it went well as Wednesday, the Public Day was just a day of mayhem and madness.

Trisha from Bradburys behind our stand

Trisha from Bradburys behind our stand

Anyway, we are fans of Tricia who also advised us of the dress code for the party on the Tuesday night at the Cheshire Cat.  We had both bought down posh frocks – the horror of it!  And heels!  On Tricia’s advice on ‘casual, whatever makes you feel comfortable,’ this was enough to get me into my smart trousers and out of my DVF frock.  Lydia was very smart and glittery, as always.  To be honest, I do not think either of us could have worn heels, as, after a full day standing, our feet were positively throbbing.


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