Our Alternative CVs

In the style of The Grocer, for a bit of fun this Thursday, we thought we would ask ourselves some questions.  We all wanted to know what each other had answered!

Question LydiaLittle Cheese Shop manager and Head of Wholesale StuOur award winning cheese maker IonaSunday shop worker, waxer, cheese make helper and runs the business
What was your first ever job? Mucking out cows at the age of 10 on my family’s farm Apprentice mechanical engineer Washing dishes in a student canteen aged 15
What was the first music single you ever bought It was an album – The Spice Girls and my favourite song was Wannabee The Nolan Sisters Who’s Going to Rock You Me and my brother bought Tiger Feet by Mud with our combined pocket money
What is your favourite movie? Goodwill Hunting Forest Gump Pulp Fiction or anything by David Lynch
What are your favourite tv shows? The Chase, Eggheads, Top Gear, anything on Discovery and Hollyoaks Don’t watch much tv but like wildlife programmes and hate soaps Don’t watch much tv, but enjoy my Futurama dvds, League of Gentlemen dvds, Family Guy on BBC3, Midsomer Murders repeats (sorry), Benidorm and the ever delectable Michel Roux Jnr on Masterchef
Do you have any phobias? Drowning Heights Heights
Which celebrity would you like to work with at Ribblesdale Cheese? Peter Kay or Lee Evans Keith Floyd The ever delectable Michel Roux Jnr – I would love to be able to cook like him, could learn a lot!
What is the most rewarding part of your job? Helping customers if they have a problem and offering them something they don’t have; talking to people Getting recognition for the cheese we make such as our recent Great Taste Awards gold stars Having happy and satisfied customers; getting on well with our suppliers, having a laugh and a joke with both; devising new cheese recipes – love it!
What is the least rewarding part of your job? Bagging green halves of Superior Goat and awkward customers in the shop 6 months ago, I would have said getting up early but I don’t mind that now…probably washing up 150 pots after a sheep make Agree, bagging green halves, awkward customers in the shop on Sundays and washing sheep make pots
What is your nickname? Snook The manager of the Rose & Crown pub where I used to work couldn’t spell Stu, so I was called Sut…there was another guy there called Mark whose name always appeared as Mary on the rota as the manager was dsylexic Ages back, the Beetle when I started an e-newsletter for a London based travel club called The Globetrotter Club, which I also ran for a while, when London based
What animal best reflects your personality and why? A cuddly tiger with sharp claws because I can be a bit fiery Am not sure…how about a badger as they come out early in the morning and appear late at nights Not sure, I think we are back to insects again, something industrious!  Like an ant….


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