‘Special Cheese’ for A Special Customer

Stu potting out an awful lot of Tasty Yorkshire

Stu potting out an awful lot of Tasty Yorkshire

For those of you who remember the League of Gentleman’s ‘special stuff’ – we were commissioned about 6 months ago by one of our favourite West Yorkshire based customers, to make what he described as a ‘Tasty Yorkshire’.

Yesterday, we spent a happy morning potting it out, washing the cloths and pots, cleaning the press and dairy down, vac packing and testing our Tasty Yorkshire, prior to sending off to them to our customer.

When we were first commissioned, we discussed our customer’s  requirements and bandied about a few ideas, finally developing a recipe that uses annatto, the yellow vegetable colouring which is weird when you first add it to the vat.

One word of warning to would-be cheese makers – if you are going to buy some, be sure to find out if it is single strength or double strength – makes  a bit of a difference!  When annatto is first added to the vat, it looks a little like blood – it is almost scarlet in colour.  Then, on gentle stirring in, it colours the milk, though it is odourless and tasteless, purely used

The newly potted out Tasty Yorkshire

The newly potted out Tasty Yorkshire

for appearance.  We buy our annatto from our friends at Orchard Valley.

This cheese is made exclusively for this one customer, though we do keep one back to taste and mature ourselves to check that it is ok.  We called it Tasty Yorkshire because, believe it or not, with a bit of age on it, it really is very tasty: it is slightly crumbly but firm at the same time, and the colour is very effective.

So, look out for Tasty Yorkshire in your local deli or farm shop – we made that!


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