We, like a lot of dairies in our area, use a Nottingham based company called Wheyfeeds to take our whey away.

In all honesty, if they did not take our whey away, we would have a real problem.  We used to give it away to a pig farmer who came down from Bishop Auckland, but with increasing diesel costs, it became uneconomic for him, which was a real shame for us too, as I liked the fact that it was being recycled and being put to good use.  I also enjoyed hearing tales of chief piglet Mathilda and her baby piglets.

The Ribblehead Viaduct near where I live

The Ribblehead Viaduct near where I live

I met a Wheyfeed tanker driver on Sunday, before I headed up to the shop.

He was tucking into a well earned bacon and egg butty whilst I was chatting to my friend who runs the little van that parks up by the Ribblehead junction that sells the bacon butties.  We got chatting and he turned out to be a driver I hadn’t met before, so it was nice to say hello.

One thing he said that really struck a chord: for the amount we are charged to take away each 1,000 litres, he said he could travel 2 miles in his tanker.  Now that put things into perspective!


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4 responses to “Wheyfeeds

  1. Why not get some pigs of your own?

    • Hi Adam

      Nice to hear from you – how are things your end?

      I do – I have two beautiful pigs, called Penny Pig and Snouter – they have their own heading in the blog. But even they can’t take all the whey we produce!

      Speak soon


  2. Sounds like the whey of the world!

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