Roger from Rowleth End

Genial host and all round good egg, Roger, owner of Rowleth End

Genial host and all round good egg, Roger, owner of Rowleth End

As readers of this blog will know, we were phenomenally busy this summer, making four, sometimes five times a week, using all the goat milk that our goat milk supplier produced and then there were our Friday sheep makes which will go down in the annals of history for being jolly hard work.  Our Wensleydale and Blue Wensleydale makes had to be fitted in-between, whenever we could.  You should have seen our electricity bills!

Our friend Roger, who runs an exquisite hotel in Upper Swaledale called Rowleth End used to land on our door step from time to time with a gaggle of foreign students and young people who were on a special scheme that Roger had tapped in to, to help him run the hotel during the busy season.

From time to time, we allowed the students to help us in our dairy or pack cheese, though we felt a little sorry for them as they usually landed down with us on their days off!  We did send them off with  cheese and if we were making chutneys, a jar or two of chutneys to say thank you.

It was, however, very kind of Roger to take such care of his young team for he wanted them to experience another type of business.  See you next year, Roger!


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