Our 201st Blog Post and almost 26,000 hits in 19 months

Our lack of a website prompted me back in May 2010 to develop this blog.

I do not regret not having a website as I feel there is far more information on this blog about who we are and what we do than a website could offer, which is static.  I am sure that marketeers would wholeheartedly disagree with me, but I enjoy posting on the blog and receiving messages about it and it seems to be a dynamic and growing beast.

We have made friends through it, made cheesey contacts, received orders through it and hopefully in some cases helped budding cheese makers.  I would like to think that it shows that we are an open and honest bunch (all three and a half of us!) who are happy to share information and tell the world what we are up to.

I am amazed at how many hits we get – now over 100 a day – and how much interest and in one or two cases, controversy it has created.

Under Lydia’s care, we have 159 friends on our Little CheeseShop, Hawes Facebook page and 84 followers on Twitter.  Neither Stu nor I have a clue about Twitter or Facebook!

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog or who has signed up to it – we currently have 37 blog followers who receive copies of each blog post, it is very humbling.

Finally, if you wondered what the most popular posts are, here they are again.  What is interesting is that the post about phage has leapt up to 11th place, despite it only being posted just over 3 months ago; or could it be something to do with being an alien landing craft….

As at 10th December 2011, most visited pages:

1. Home page More stats 7,146
2. Where To Buy Cheese Making Equipment From More stats 3,423
3. Making Cheese from Homogenised Milk More stats 2,219
4. Where to Buy Cheese Making Supplies More stats 1,671
5. About Us More stats 1,299
6. Contact Us More stats 781
7. Penny Pig & Snouter More stats 719
8. Recipes More stats 617
9. Cheese Vat for Sale – SOLD! More stats 522
10. How Do We Make Cheese? More stats 402
11. Phage – and What To Do More stats 355
12. How To Make Wensleydale Cheese More stats 344

The top 12 search terms are as follows:

  1. casein
  2. ribblesdale cheese
  3. ribblesdale cheese blog
  4. casein in milk
  5. cheese making equipment
  6. phage
  7. cheese making supplies
  8. cheese making equipment for sale
  9. cheese vat
  10. ribblesdale cheese company
  11. cheese vat for sale
  12. cheese vats for sale

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