What Is Lydia Doing Right Now?

Today's orders to go out

Today's orders to go out

Here we are, Stu and I, waiting for four sets of pick ups from customers/delivery drivers.

Lydia worked a long Friday and prepared all the orders last week, ready boxed for us to send out today.  The cold room is clear once again.  Lydia would approve.

The game for this week is ‘what is Lydia doing right now?’

Lydia has the week off for a well earned rest and doesn’t return until the second week in Jan, the jammy thing, so from time to time, we pause and ask, ‘what is Lydia doing now?’  Our answers vary from lounging around in her dressing gown to taking off to Australia.  Here is our list so far…

Having breakfast at Tiffanys

Playing with Little Ted

Exploring aardvark farming

Setting off to feed cows

Tackling that bit of fencing

Last  minute Christmas shopping

Going to see some travelling buffalo

Snow man making

Writing Christmas Lists to Santa

Conversing with the Cheese Rat and plotting and planning with him to get her own back

Taking afternoon tea with the Bengal Tiger and possibly the Cheese Rat and the travelling buffalo

Snoozing in bed

At her mum’s

We may joke, but it has to be said that both Stu and Lydia have worked their socks off this year and without them, Ribblesdale Cheese would not be the business that it is.  a big thank you to them both for all the hard work and long hours they have put in this year to make us what we are.



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4 responses to “What Is Lydia Doing Right Now?

  1. What about fretting about what you and Stu are up to? lol

  2. Lydia

    Here’s the low-down:
    Yesterday I went to see my nana, took Ted for a walk, took the xmas tree down before Ted did, made tea and watched TV.

    Today, I am at my mums then going to Redmire to feed some cows and sheep, and back to Gayle to feed some more cows and sheep whey!!!

    No lounging around in my dressing grown as yet, or snoozing, but there are plans for late xmas shopping, so you have got alot of things right, but really, come on, can you see me going for a manicure at least say something realistic!
    oh and meeting with the Bengal Tiger later today, the Cheese Rat said he would be there but I bet he doesn’t turn up!!

    • What about breakfast at Tiffanys? Ok, manicure might be a bit far fetched, but hope you have a good time with the Bengal tiger and the Cheese Rat. You are right, the Cheese Rat is always a bit unreliable unless there is cheese or chocolate on offer. Have you told him there might be a bit of chocolate around? He might turn up then.

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