Jaap and Wilhelm Come To Visit

Jaap (left) and Wilhem Eismann of ASTA (right)

Jaap (left) and Wilhem Eismann of ASTA (right)

Jaap, of course needs no introduction, as owner of Jongiac (UK), supplier of equipment and other cheese making items to cheese makers around the country.  Not to mention organiser of tours to Continental cheese makers.  Jaap is hugely knowledgeable about cheese making and can always find a solution to your needs.

Some of you may know Wilhem Eismann who represents German dairy equipment manufacturers, ASTA.

It was a flying visit as they started in Inverness and have been heading slowly southwards, dropping in to us at Hawes and later that evening were wending their way to Lincoln.  They will end up in Cornwall.  I joked with Jaap that he should have had a film crew with him, to look around the dairies he was meeting with and make a fly on the wall documentary.  Next time, maybe, next time….

Anyway, it is always good to meet up with Jaap and catch up on industry news and views as I don’t get out much and it was a pleasure to meet his colleague, Wilhelm.  Good luck with the rest of your journey!

Jaap is organising a Dairy Seminar on 6th March 2012, visiting Simon Weaver Cotswold Organic Dairy in Upper Slaughter followed by a briefing at the Ludlow Food Centre.  Jaap hopes that this will enable people involved in cheese making to exchange experiences, network and learn.  Jaap can be contacted on: 0121 7444 844.



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2 responses to “Jaap and Wilhelm Come To Visit

  1. Jaap is a lovely guy and so helpful.

    I am up your way this weekend and planning a walk from your local on Friday !

    • Hi Janet

      Thanks for your e-mail. if you are up our way, and you have time, I shall be in our little cheese shop on Sunday from 11am onwards – if you are around, please do pop by and say hello.

      And yes, Jaap is lovely, very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn’t agree more with you!

      With best wishes


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