Simon Lacey Comes to Visit

Simon Lacey at Simon Lacey Cheese

Simon Lacey at Simon Lacey Cheese

We’ve come over all sociable, offering brews to all!

Nah, not really, really nice to see Simon of Simon Lacey Cheese and great that he came to see us and our little dairy.  As we both said, it’s good for cheese makers to see other people’s dairy’s, to see how they do things and to learn from them.  Needless to say, we swapped a few notes!  It’s always, ‘where do you buy this’ and ‘where can I get one of these’.  It’s nice to meet another cheese maker who is happy to help and not clam up for fear of letting out ‘state secrets’.

Simon runs Lacey’s Cheeses and has a lovely dairy up at The Station, Richmond where he makes predominantly cow cheese and has a little shop.  The beauty of Simon’s dairy is that you can see in to it and witness the hard work of cheese making whilst buying his cheese from his little cheese counter.  Simon will have been creating his own cheese up at The Station for four years now and has some 20 years and more experience in the food industry.  He has some new and exciting plans for Easter onwards, so good luck to you, Simon, and hope it all goes really well.

And good luck to you and your wife with the new addition, which will once again change your life in a good and new, exciting way in about 5 weeks’ time!



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  1. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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