A Busy Month Ahead

Our part timer Mark doing hard labour

Our part timer Mark doing hard labour

Today is the lull before the storm.  We are making 4,000 litres of goat’s cheese split between two makes on Tuesday and Wednesday and our fourth sheep make of the year on Thursday, which is another 2,000 litres.  This is a lot of making, two vats on the go, a lot of potting up, knocking out and washing up!  We are cutting it fine with our pots; we do have some reserve pots and this week, we may have to dig them out and give them a jolly good scrub.

Three makes of 2,000 litres will involve knocking Tuesday’s make out on Thursday, Wednesday’s make on Friday and seeing how many of the sheep we can fit in the press at close of play on Thursday and any left over will go in the press on Friday morning.  Not ideal, but needs must and this hardly ever happens.

A press full of cheese

A press full of cheese

The following week, we have another three makes, though not a sheep make: two goat and one cow but thankfully, there will be fewer pots, so a bit less to wash up.  We will continue like this until pretty much the middle to end of April as we are rather low on stock and need to build it up and maintain it as the season picks up.


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