Weird Things People Say in the Shop 2

We recently had some labels made saying: ‘We Make This!’  They are small circles, with a gold background and black writing.  Lydia has carefully stuck one on all cheese that we make ourselves in the shop.  We sell other cheeses that we rather obviously do not make such as Blue Stilton, Brie, Double Gloucester and the like.  You get the idea.  This first one was reported by Lydia’s fiancee, Richard on Saturday.

Customer: ‘what does that mean….made by us?’

Richard said he did not reply.

Second one, from me.

Lovely, Enthusiastic Female Customer (LEFC): ‘I want to buy some of your cheese, cheese made by you…local cheese.’

Me: ‘Great, well, you’ve come to a good place!  What are we looking at: cow, goat or sheep?’

LEFC: ‘Um, what about that Blue Stilton?’

Me: ‘Ah, great cheese, but not one we make ourselves.’

LEFC: ‘Do you do Danish Blue?’

Me: ‘No, but we do make a great Blue Wensleydale.’

LEFC: ‘I think I’ll just have a piece of that vintage cheddar – do you make it?’



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