50,000 Hits on Ribblesdale Cheese Blog!

Right now, as at 6.30am on Tuesday 11th September 2012, we have had exactly 50,000 hits on our cheese blog.

WordPress gives you stats on the country of the person looking at the blog and we have had 50,000 hits from people in 125 countries – amazing, from Mongolia to Puerto Rico to South Africa.

We have 65 people following the blog which has been going since the beginning of May 2010.

A big thank you to everyone reading the blog.  I hope it is useful and you enjoy reading about our cheesey adventures.

Top Blog Reader’s Location at 11/9/12
 United Kingdom
United States 13%
Canada 2%
Australia 2%
South Africa 2%
New Zealand 1%
Ireland 1%
India 1%
France 1%
Germany 1%
Lithuania 1%
Turkey 1%
Netherlands 1%
Rest of the world 10%

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