2012/13 Snow Book

The snow book is now open for bets to be placed.  To clarify, snow means a covering of snow outside our front door in Hawes.  Lydia got it right last year within a few days; it has been very cold in the last week or so, about 0.5 oC in the morning until today when it was -1 oC

Nigel at the Ribblehead 4th October 2013

Pearl at the bank                 5th November 2012

Adam from Moodys       10th November (also Adam’s birthday!)

Jamie the builder             18th November 2012

Simon, budding cheese maker  19th November 2012

Paul’s Dad Keith                         22nd November 2012

Jo, landlady at my local, the Ribblehead   28th November 2012

Duncan the builder                    2nd December 2012

Robert, my friend from the next village  19th Dec is my birthday, so I hope it is not then. I would say, 7th December 2012

Photographer Jan            13th December 2012 (as it was white over nearby Buttertubs last year)

Alan, landlord at my local, the Ribblehead   16th December 2012

Iona                                       19th December 2012

Amanda, Phil the landlord’s wife      20th December 2012

Stu                                           3rd January 2013

Manuela (my stepmother)   6th January 2013

Stu, our goat milk contact   evening of 8th January, being the due date of our baby!  (Good luck all round, Stu, hope Mum, Dad and baby are/will be well and happy!)

Richard Clark at WDP      10th January 2013

Phil our landlord                 10th January 2013

Andrew                                 1st February  2013

Lydia                                      12th February 2013

My friend Pat                    February 2013

The prize for the closest winner is a snowball cheese.

Contact Iona by e-mail to place your bet: ionahill@gmail.com



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3 responses to “2012/13 Snow Book

  1. Robert Teal

    19th Dec is my birthday, so I hop it is not then.
    I would say, 7th Decemeber

  2. Saturday 27 October we had snow in the south, so we beat you northerners to it!

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