Let’s Hear it for Taylor’s ATV

My drive today at 7.30pm 6th December 2012

My drive today at 7.30pm 6th December 2012

What a journey home from work it was today.  It started to snow mid afternoon.  Stu and Andrew were finishing off a 1,950 litre vat of Original Goat whilst I was finishing off the last of three very late orders of chutneys.  We made Granny’s Apple on Tuesday, Caramelised Carrot on Wednesday and today it was Pear.

So it was a busy day all round.  We kept popping our heads around the door to check on the progress of the snow and it did

A bucket of whey looking towards the piggie area

A bucket of whey looking towards the piggie area

look a little worrying.

Andrew’s car had a flat battery when he started it up yesterday evening so I gave him a lift home and picked him up this morning, so he and Stu sorted out jump leads and Andrew made a relatively early get away….which is just as well.

Stu stayed late to help me pot up the last of the pear – we made 64 jars, all ready for me to label and box up tomorrow but this meant that we did not leave our little unit until about 5.45pm.

For those familiar with Hawes, leaving Hawes, going to go to Ingleton, there is a hill just after the petrol station, bearing left.  The road to this point was pretty horrific, very snowy, slippery and slushy.  No grit, nothing bar a few tyre marks.  I could see that there were several vehicles trying to get up the hill but were sliding back down.  Two cars and van simply did not make it.  An accident happened and there were plenty of hazard lights going and reversing vehicles.  I had stopped by the petrol station and watched to see if anyone could make it.  So far, no-one could.

The bottom of my drive

The bottom of my drive

I managed to turn around through the petrol station and parked up, locked my car and walked to the turn off I needed to go up.  And then, Gary from Taylors ATV came along and stopped.  I asked if he thought he could make it and when he said he would give it a damned good go, I cheekily asked if I could hitch a lift to the Ribblehead junction.  So I hopped in and my goodness, what a journey.  To say I was scared is a complete understatement.  There was absolutely no way my faithful cheesemobile would ever have made that journey.  Once we had reached the ‘tops’, there were two Carrs Billington wagons and an empty Speed Fuel tanker stopped as they feared they could not go any further and asked us if we could ask a local farmer to come and tow them with his tractor.

We stopped at the farmers’ house and I asked whether he would be able to help.  He very kindly agreed and we

Hungry piggies being fed

Hungry piggies being fed

continued our journey.  Gary was incredibly good to me and actually took me to the top of my lane rather than let me walk the mile or so home from the Ribblehead junction.  So, a HUGE thank you to Gary who also offered to pick me up at the Ribblehead junction tomorrow morning and take me back to Hawes; cheese and chutney coming your way.  I am a very lucky person as I now realise I could not have driven home in the snow that landed today and I felt I absolutely had to get back to feed the piggies (and geese) who now hopefully have warm, fat tummies and are snoozing in their piggie bed.

I checked as soon as I got home that both Stu and Andrew had made it home safely and both had.



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4 responses to “Let’s Hear it for Taylor’s ATV

  1. Glad you made it home safely, when you get snow you really get snow.
    Well we had a snow flurry this morning on top of icy pavements, I slipped over and have spent the morning in A&E, a clean break of my upper left arm

  2. I was just walking to work and just slipped, landing hard on my left side, I knew something wasn’t right. Am still hoping I can enjoy the sun and heat in Thailand even if I can’t practice

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