Last Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Happy Easter, everyone, hope you are all having a lovely, restful and relaxing time.  I am painting and prevaricating.

The good things of last week:

  • Apart from coming in for a couple of hours to vac pack the last Superior Goat Gouda make, we had Friday off – woohoo!
  • Two more cheese making classes booked
  • Stu and I made a 1,400 litre vat of Original Goat on Thursday and 1,400 litres of the Goat Gouda on
    Silver Award for our Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda

    Silver Award for our Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda


  • We received a commision to make a vat of unpasteurised Wensleydale for next week
  • Spoke to David Hartley, MD of Wensleydale Dairy up the road about stocking our goat cheese in their Visitor’s Centre; let’s hope we can persuade them!
  • Meeting Steve from Cheesey Grin who plans to take our Yorkshire Bowlers because his wholesaler does not stock them….ggrrr….
  • New supplies of salt arrived.  We don’t just use it to add to the vat when making cheese but also to top the brine bath up
  • Stu’s pans arrived as did my exceedingly expensive tin of Farrow & Ball Elephant Breath paint
  • Stu got his poorly car fixed by the ever lovely Ron at Stevron around the back of our place

Not Such Good things:

  • Still snow around and it is damned cold in our little unit
  • Not a lot happened on the new SALSA paperwork!
  • Snouter needs the vet to come out to look at his poorly front left trotter
  • No goat milk for next week but a full load for the week after
  • Ron didn’t have time to fix my car which is poorly, something to do with bearings

This time last year, we spoke about making Wensleydale Truckles here.


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