Sun Burned Piggies

Poor old sun burned Snouter

Poor old sun burned Snouter

My beautiful piglets will be five years old this August.  I know…they are not piglets, the last vet to run the gauntlet to see them reckoned, and he had previously worked in a practice that had a number of pig farms, that Snouter weighed in at around 500 kgs and his grumpy britches sister, Penny Pig was around 350 kgs.  Having said all this, they still remain beautiful piglets in my eyes.

Snouter has this endearing habit of rubbing and pushing up against you whilst you scratch behind his ears until he collapses in a flop on the ground in ecstasy, adoring every moment, proffering his tummy to be stroked, but I have had to stop doing this because I am fairly certain that one day one of my limbs will crack and break.

We have had a few afternoons of lovely and very welcome sunshine and the piggies have ventured out of their pig bed (which is

Penny Pig who unusually has overdone it

Penny Pig who unusually has overdone it

probably far too super deluxe and discourages them from getting up and experiencing the sun) and lying in the sun.  At least this way, they still get their tummies rubbed without any injury.

As readers of this blog may remember, Penny Pig is the clever, devious pig, and normally she knows when to go and lie down in the shade, but Snouter, being a ginger pig has very fair, milky skin and has got badly sunburned.  Unusually, Penny Pig has also overdone it a little.  So, this weekend, as I was out and about in the paddock, exterminating nettles (make a change from rats, which I think are all

Both pigs in their mud nest

Both pigs in their mud nest; two of the three geese are sitting on nests filled with eggs, despite the fact I am fairly sure that all three geese are female.  Silly creatures!

successfully eradicated – very ratifying, or gratifying) I blathered both piglets in Factor 50 and then myself.  They both also needed industrial quantities of after sun to cool down their poor hot pink tummies later in the evening.

Thought you may like to see some pictures.  Wonder if Ambre Solaire are up for a bit of sponsorship?


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