Oh My…our old friend at Direct Fruit Supplies grew cannabis

I thought there was something odd when we were getting a lot of hits on our two Direct Fruit Supply blog posts, when today, I received an anonymous e-mail with this link:

Stu and I have been wondering whether we could (legally) have accepted some of the £27,000 worth of cannabis Michael grew – that he had no idea what to do with – as part payment of his debt to us and others.  I imagine DFS’s redundant and unpaid staff would also have liked to have known about this too.

To this day I find it unbelievable that a person can legally walk away from an insolvent company, take on none of the debt but take the assets with them, incurring no liabilities whatsoever and start a new business identical to the old one in the same place – until they moved that is, selling the same old stuff to the same old customers.  No payment of creditors like us and no payment to staff and seemingly no payment to the administrators from whom he ‘bought’ the assets of the old DFS to form the new DFS Ltd.

Here is the latest news in full, courtesy of the Yorkshire Evening Post 6/9/13.

A BUSINESSMAN who grew £27,000 worth of cannabis in his flat told a court he had so much of the illegal drug he had no idea what to do with it.

Michael Marcus was arrested after a bailiff contacted police when he went to his home and could smell the class B drug.

Marcus gave evidence at his sentencing hearing yesterday in which he said he had only grown the illegal plants for his own use.

The 33-year-old told Leeds Crown Court he smoked between ten and 15 cannabis joints to cope with the stress of his job,

Officers seized 16 plants and three kilogrammes of cannabis when they went to his flat at Weetwood Manor in Leeds.

Marcus, who runs a family business which sells fruit 
and vegetables to the hotel and restaurant industry, told the court he had no intention of selling the drug or supplying it to friends.

He said he decided to grow the plants himself to save money after doing research on the internet about how to produce it.

Marcus said he planned to freeze some of the cannabis or throw it away when he realised how much he had managed to produce. Judge James Spencer QC asked Marcus how he felt when he was told the drugs were worth £27,000.

He replied: “I was gobsmacked to be honest.”

He added: “I would have thrown some away. I wasn’t growing it for that reason. It’s wasn’t a case of me thinking ‘right I can smoke that and I can sell that.”

Marcus received a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for a year, and was ordered to take part in a programme designed to address his offending.

The judge said: “If you didn’t know it before, and I expect you truly did, your use of cannabis is illegal whether you find it helpful or not.

“If you grow this quantity again you will go to prison.”

See also this back in April 2013.



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5 responses to “Oh My…our old friend at Direct Fruit Supplies grew cannabis

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  3. m bell

    And am told he has set up again I went to tribunal with son in law who he threatened and sacked then asked him to go back.
    Finally went into liquidation as expected though.wish he would threaten me and I am in my 70;s
    But I hit back so that’s out.

  4. rob welsh

    It would be nice to confront Mr Marcus face to face,a complete arse.

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