Two Sets of Cheese Making Course Dates – Last until January 2014

We have only two sets of dates available to the end of October 2013.

We regret we will not be running any more courses until January 2014 as we will be gearing up for Christmas from November onwards.

There is room on Monday and Tuesday 14th and 15th October for commercial would be cheese makers or possibly on the Monday only for home enthusiast cheese makers.  This is a cow milk date.

There is room for one would be commercial cheese making person on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October, we will be making cow’s cheese.

We offer two types of courses:

One day course – for enthusiastic home cheese makers

For those of you looking at doing a one day course, we will make a Wensleydale style cheese, using either cow or goat milk, depending on the day you choose and will be talking about the various steps of cheese making, explaining the science behind cheese making and what sort of things can go wrong and how to avoid them and a fair bit more!  You will take home a set of cheese making notes, your cheese, partially pressed, in its mould and cheese cloth, both of which are reusable.  The cost for the one day course is £125 + VAT  – we prefer cash, please!  We can take up to four people on the one day course and each person will be making their own cheese in their own ‘vat’ with their own equipment i.e. one set for each person.

Please don’t be put off by sharing a class – we have found this to be a far better way of doing things as one person frequently asks a question that another person is thinking plus it is a great way to make cheesey friends and keep in touch to swap cheese making tales and ask advice of each other.  We are really informal and we haven’t failed yet to have a laugh and a giggle with everyone and of course hopefully make a great cheese for you to take away.

Two day course – for would be commercial cheese makers

For those of you looking at a two day course, the first day is as above and on the second day, we will be considering the commercial aspects of cheese making: the number one prerequisite, what to make, how much to make, potential production costs and margins, milk, whey, scaling up, equipment and dairy planning and target markets.  We will also be discussing a couple of real life case studies of people who have started up as cheese makers, from scratch.

We will draw on real life problems and issues encountered and practical/business considerations of running a cheese making business.  It is quite an intense day and an opportunity first thing to try and answer people’s questions from day 1 before we get stuck in.  The cost of the two day course is £375 + VAT.

Our Credentials

The two and a half of us are not the most experienced cheese makers out there, e.g. Ivan Larcher and Val Bines.  We started from scratch only five years ago, with neither cheese making knowledge nor equipment and have learned the hard way, making a lot of mistakes on the way and we are happy to share our experience in recognition of people who helped and encouraged us to get going.

However, having said that, we were lucky enough to win three awards at Nantwich this year, including a gold for our new mystery cheese and were one of only 125 people to win three gold stars at the 2013 Great Taste Awards out of 9,732 entries.

The Dates so far

(Remember, we can take up to four people in total each day)


Monday 30th September- one day or beginning of two days – cow’s milk – Rebecca and Amanda, John and Janet – 1 day only FULL


Monday 14th October- one day or beginning of two days – cow’s milk

Tuesday 15th October – Day 2 of the commercial course, intense desk and coffee session, no cheese making


Monday 28th October- one day or beginning of two days – cow’s milk – John F, Tom’s sister Polly 1 day only, Richard 1 day only

Tuesday 29th October – Day 2 of the commercial course, intense desk and coffee session, no cheese making – John F

We will not be running cheese making classes after the end of October 2013.  We will recommence in January 2014.  E-mail me, Iona at if you are interested.  We have internet again so I will respond!


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