Puddled by Pumpkins

Andrew mulching up Tasty Yorkshire cheese

Andrew mulching up Tasty Yorkshire cheese

I cannot now remember whose idea these pumpkins was.  Stu and I made about 150 between us on Friday afternoon and today, Andrew, Stu and I made 260.  I think I shall dream about them and we still have 280 to go before they are picked up on Thursday.

We have decided to postpone our usual mad Tuesday waxing tomorrow and crack on with more pumpkins.

Andrew shaping up  rounds

Andrew shaping up rounds

So here are some pictures of our pumpkin making.  First we mulch up the cheese, it is a cheese we make called Tasty Yorkshire which is a little like a double Gloucester crossed with a Cheddar and contains annato.

Andrew was on mulching duty and then we form the cheese into 200 g balls which are clothed (by Stu) and little indentations made (by me) and then waxed (also by me).  We had a veritable little production line going.

We had a couple of visitors who understand self service for brews, which was good, though the downside was they

Stu wrapping up the little pumpkin balls

Stu wrapping up the little pumpkin balls

nicked all our chocolate biscuits!  It was nice to see Peter and his sister who lives in S Africa and is thinking of making goat cheese herself.  I had a long call from a cheesey friend who used to make cheese and has an opportunity to start again with some

Indented pumpkins with a coat of wax

Indented pumpkins with a coat of wax

farmers and premises and wanted our opinion, then Parcelforce Steve dropped by to tell me that Homelands 3 had started yesterday and I knew nothing about it!  Aaalgh, I am still waiting for my Amazon copy of Homelands 2 to arrive (I am slow out here in the sticks, things pass me by and I missed the tv series) and now I have missed episode 1 of season 3.  Yes, that is a minor catastrophe in my book.  I don’t even know what channel it is on, dammit.

On a more sober note, Stu received word that his mum wasn’t so good, so we are all thinking of her and wish her a speedy recovery.

130 finished pumpkins!

130 finished pumpkins!



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2 responses to “Puddled by Pumpkins

  1. BritishCheeseEmporium

    They look stunning! A few definitely need a scary face doodled on, just in time for Hallowe’en : )

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