Can Anyone Provide a Kind and Loving Home for Roxi and Butch (pigs)

Today I was going to go to Leeds to investigate the possibility of eyeing up carpet for upstairs, hey, why not, after eight years in semi-derelict squalor, but instead I did something far more exciting and besides, there’s a bit more work needed before carpets can go down.

I drove to Gisburn Forest to meet with Stephen and Teresa and their beautiful piggies, Roxi and Butch.  I found out about them from Twitter.

Roxi to the left and Butch to the right

Roxi to the left and Butch to the right

Roxi and Butch are pretty famous, don’t you know, they have had a book written about them.  They were bought for £1,000 each by a couple in Brighton, sold on the pretext of being mini pigs.

Ok, people, there really is no such thing as a mini pig – they grow and grow.  And this is what happened to poor old Roxi and Butch until eventually, two years ago, they were given to The Great British Farm Project to care for and love.

I went to see them because my heart went out to them and I really wanted to take them home with me, but on finding out more about their characters: Butch, the boy, is a big old softie and Roxi, the girl who can be grumpy like Penny Pig, but these grumpy moods go away when they get to know, trust and love you.  They are five years old and are partial to the odd jam sandwich as a treat.  Snouter, however, being a bossy, dominant male (with large and razor sharp tusks) may just be too much for Roxi and Butch, so it was a very sad and very sorry and very reluctant no.

Although their exact pedigree/parentage isn’t known, I would guess that Roxi is a Kune Kune crossed with Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig and Butch is a Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig.  Compared to Penny Pig and Snouter, they are quite small, but they still probably weigh in the region of 100-120kgs a piece.  Butch has been castrated.  They are pets and will only be re homed as pets.

But now, they urgently need to be re-homed, in the next week.  They will need a paddock or smallholding to root around in and they do not like straw in their ark.  Can anyone give them a loving home?  Please contact Stephen on 07538 213685.

I do hope that someone can give them a home and carry on loving them as they deserve.


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